Testing . . . testing . . .

Hi lads and lasses! Sorry for the delay on the blog. This past week saw both joy and sorry for my family as we celebrated two high school graduations and paid respects to a family member who passed away. Exhausting for sure, but necessary in all respects. I love my family!

Today I enter two weeks of comprehensive testing for my PhD program. Some of you didn’t know it, but A Swirl Girl is pursuing a doctorate in higher education administration. Needless to say, both Pandora and iTunes will be in HEAVY rotation for the next two weeks.

I’ll pop in and out when the spirit of procrastination comes on me. I’ll share some of the music I’m listening to, or maybe some quotes. I ask your patience as I go through this process. No heavy thinking for me – unless it’s pondering an exam question.

Say a prayer for me and wish me luck, people!

Join in the fray:

Is life sending any tests your way? Tell me about it – you know misery loves company! LOL

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