#37| Simply Irresistible!


Do you realize how much power you possess . . . in your smile?

A smile lights up your face, and the sheer warmth from its glow can melt all but the stoniest hearts.

Today, give someone your best smile. You’ll be simply irresistible!

The Swirl World Team is committed to sharing 365 days of inspiration in 2015. Our goal is to help you stay motivated and inspired by bringing you positive, uplifting images and corresponding thoughts.

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#34| A True Masterpiece


Look in the mirror.

What you observe is a true masterpiece.


Despite any flaws, known or unknown, real or imagined.

You, in all your glory.

The only one in the entire world.

A true masterpiece.


The Swirl World Team is committed to sharing 365 days of inspiration in 2015. Our goal is to help you stay motivated and inspired by bringing you positive, uplifting images and corresponding thoughts.

If you’d like to share your photos, please send them to InspirationDaily@TheSwirlWorld.com. We’d love to feature YOU in one of our Inspiration Daily posts!


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This Scotsman Loves Black Women!

Sneak Peek:

We’re launching a Men’s Podcast!

Woot Woot!

We have some VERY BIG plans in store for The Swirl World in 2015.

Behind the scenes we’ve been busier than Santa’s elves, setting things in motion and getting everything in place for the New Year.

And just like the kids who can’t keep the details of Daddy’s Christmas gift a secret, we decided we couldn’t wait until January 1 to share some of our big news – we’re letting you in on some of it NOW.

We have new Avatars, one for the website and regular podcast:

The Swirl World new logo

And one for the Men’s Podcast:

The Swirl World Mens Podcast

And did you notice our new tagline?



The Swirl World Men’s Podcast will feature exclusive interviews with men from every part of the globe – both foreign and domestic.

They’ll be sharing the Who, What, When, Where and How of their love for Black Women, and all from their male perspectives.

First up:

Scottish businessman and philanthropist Kenny Young.

Kenny is a member of The World of the Swirl, which is The Swirl World’s private Facebook group.

When describing himself Kenny says, “I have Irish blood and a Scottish heart.”

Born to Irish parents, Kenny was reared in Scotland and considers himself a Scotsman.

He sat down and chatted with The Swirl World Podcast Co-Host Adrienne London Leach.

Kenny described the origins of his attraction for African women, and very clearly articulated some of the many reasons for his attraction.

He discusses his country, his businesses, his love for Black women and his philanthropic efforts.

Kenyan children express their love for Kenny

Kenny tithes 10 percent of his business profits back to the Kenyan community and is the founder of the City of Hope Foundation. Here, Kenyan children express their love and appreciation for Kenny.

Kenny has a wonderful sense of humor – we know you’re going to love his Scottish brogue!

We especially love the fact that Kenny loves and admires Black women, and proudly proclaims his preference.

If you don’t see the podcast player, you can listen to the podcast by clicking here or here.

If you don’t see the Sound Cloud player, you can listen to the show on Sound Cloud by clicking here.



If you’d like to learn more about The City of Hope Foundation, click here.

Want to be a guest on the podcast, or know someone who should? Send an email to Podcast@TheSwirlWorld.com.

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What Do Australian Men Think Of Black Women And Beauty?

cropped black woman faceThis week’s question on Monday’s With Mike addresses the opinion of Australian men concerning the beauty of Black Women.

“Black Women are constantly bombarded with preset definitions of “beauty” and in many cases criticized for their looks by men of the same ethnicity. What makes a Black Woman attractive/appealing to you in particular, and to Australian men in general?”

Mike’s response:

It’s kind of hard to describe why you feel the attraction to a particular person or people, or describe why you have a type you prefer.

I guess for me it’s something I feel in the marrow of my bones, just an attraction I have always had. If you wanted to go into specifics I think it is likely to do with how whenever I see Black Women, it seems like there is an inner light radiating out of them. I see it come through their eyes and skin, and it’s just beautiful.

It’s also the way they hold themselves; their style and grace. Also, they know how to hold a great conversation I’ve found, and have some excellent perspectives on life different to my own – which is great as it helps me see things in a different light.

For Australian men I think those who want to date BW usually would feel similar; love a BW’s special style of beauty and grace, as well as the fact that you’re different, stand out, and are exotic and mysterious. Men love that, they love to follow and find out things about people from different places, especially Australians as we’re all stuck down here on this massive island with no way to get out except via boat or plane! If you come to us, we’re just that much happier!


MIKE M - THIS ONEGot a question for Mike? Send it to us via inbox on The Swirl World’s Facebook page or by email to ASwirlGirl@TheSwirlWorld.com.

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

I was working on a paper the other day and channel-surfed to find the perfect background show. You know the kind I mean: The “mindless” program you leave running in the background while you do something that really uses your brain.

[Side note: I also listen to my favorite Pandora station at the same time. What can I say? I’m a multi-tasker to the nth degree.]

I landed on America’s Next Top Model (I have no idea what season) and decided to leave it there (that’s the only way I get to “see” it). I generally look up during the last 10 minutes or so of every program to give myself a break (and to watch the elimination – of course!).

Turns out I was on one of the final episodes where the remaining contestants had to do their Cover Girl commercials. They had a couple of scenarios to work with, but the bottom line was how well they could work the scenario and say, “Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Girl.”   

You have to ask yourself, How hard is that??? Surprisingly, it was very hard for some.

I sat there shaking my head and chuckling, when suddenly my mind wandered and I thought about SM. (I admit that my mind wanders in his direction most of the time – but I digress).

I thought about a trip we’d taken to Hilton Head to catch some beach and some sun. He had pounded on my door one morning at what seemed like the crack of dawn, Starbucks cup in hand.

[Side note: I have to digress here. This is a man who wherever we go, always locates the nearest Starbucks because he knows how much I love an extra hot caramel macchiato. I could go on and tell you that he also knows my exact recipe, but why bore you with those details? Suffice it to say that SM is a good man, and I know I’m blessed to have him in my life. I have a funny story about SM, me, and an empty Starbucks cup, but I’ll save it for another blog. *LOL* just thinking about it!]  

The sun was coming up, and SM wanted us to watch the sunrise together. It was nippy that time of morning, but he pulled the heavy comforter off my bed and wrapped us in it as we sat on the terrace facing the beach. Needless to say, it was a beautiful and glorious sight – and tears came to my eyes as I sat, months later, remembering that very special time.

It was warm enough a few hours later for us to walk along the edge of the beach and enjoy the feel of the sun on our faces and the sand between our toes. We laughed, talked, and held hands – an easy, breezy, beautiful summer morning.

I’m getting misty-eyed again recollecting that, because It occurs to me that just as we’d think it should be easy for a wanna-be model to say “Easy, breezy, beautiful” – it isn’t – and you know what? Relationships are the same way.

As I mature and grow in my relationship, I realize that every day is not easy, breezy, and beautiful. Life happens. Too much humidity? The “hair” of your relationship gets frizzy. The pressures of life can feel like sweltering heat – and all you want to do is escape. Sand gets in your eyes, and you cry. Cry hard enough, and you melt away your make up . . . and even if you cry just a little your mascara may run and you still wind up looking like a distant cousin to a raccoon.

We suffer setbacks and seeming reversals of fortune. We get the wind knocked out of us and we have to find a way to pick ourselves up. We misunderstand and get things wrong. We get hurt; we hurt others. We get offended; we offend each other.

I look at couples like my parents and others, married for 40, 50, and even 60-plus years, and ask them the secret of their longevity. They tell me traditional wedding vows they took covered those not so easy, not so breezy, and not so beautiful days. “Better . . . worse . . . Richer . . . poorer . . . sickness . . . health,” they said. On those not so beautiful days, and during those not so beautiful times, they determined that, in spite of it all, they would dig their heels in and remember their investment of time, and emotion. They chose to love him . . . love her. They let the fierce winds blow, and they allowed the rain to pummel them, but they didn’t let go.

Sitting here now, I think back on that episode of America’s Next Top Model and I celebrate. I celebrate relationships, and above all, I celebrate love.  

I muse on life, reminisce about that wonderful summer morning, and I smile.

“An investment in the emotional bank account,” is what SM called it.

I realize that the easy, breezy, beautiful days lay the foundation for the days and times ahead, and I smile. Easy, breezy, beautiful. It’s the stuff that my dreams now are made of.

Join in the fray:

How do you define “easy, breezy, and beautiful?”